понедельник, марта 14, 2016

Tools library for unity3d: updates 2

Some updates to library:
  • Sprites and labels can be rendered with colored shadow / outline effects.
  • Gui labels mesh generator switched to new one (rich text, alignment, etc).

суббота, марта 12, 2016

Tools library for unity3d: updates

Some updates to library:

  • Lgui basic example with using free assets from unity store.
  • MonoBehaviourBase works correctly with disabled on start GameObjects.
  • Performance optimizations.
  • Some bug fixes.

суббота, марта 05, 2016

Tools library for unity3d: auto caching for transform property

Common.MonoBehaviourBase class provides 2 optimizations for access to component transform:

  • Standard "transform" property 2-2.5x faster than with standard component.
  • Internal _cachedTransform field for all inherited classes with additional 2x performance boost relative to already boosted "transform" property.
Repo url same: https://github.com/Leopotam/LeopotamGroupLibraryUnity